The caring dog saved the life of a small bird that had fallen to the ground

Dogs are devoted creatures to humans. They are gifted with fantastic abilities that allow them to perform courageous and sometimes heroic actions.

There are many stories about dogs that have come to the aid of their fellow creatures or other animals. And it does not depend on their race and their height.

The terrier dog called Diamond lives with his owner Gunnar. Diamond is a very sociable and lively dog. He is also a loyal pet and feels great affection for his adoptive father.

It was a calm and mild evening. Darkness invaded the courtyard. Diamond stared out the window, contemplating the serenity of the evening.

His master was sitting at the computer when he waited for his dog to bark.

The puppy rarely barked and Gunnar was very surprised. The man got up and approached the dog to find out the cause of his concern. He understood that the animal had seen something extraordinary and wanted to get out.

When Gunnar opened the front door, the pup raced out into the yard. There was a fallen bird.

The darling looked lifeless. The man called the puppy thinking the bird was dead. But the attentive dog did not stop his moan.

Suddenly, Gunnar saw a blink of the bird’s eyes. He took him home, warmed him up and gave him a drink.

After a short time, the bird felt good. And when Gunnar wanted to free him, the plumage cutie sat on the dog’s head.

Then, Diamond began to sniff him and the grateful bird hugged him showing his gratitude.

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