Goose Stalks Boyfriend After Being Taken To Hospital In An Agitated State

One day, staff at the Cape Town Wildlife Center in Massachusetts spotted a creature in need of help.

Arnold, had difficulty walking, possibly due to a bruised leg. The staff decided to treat the bird by placing it in their wildlife hospital.

The examination revealed that Arnold’s leg was damaged and that surgery would be needed to repair it.

It turns out that Arnold has a lifelong girlfriend who has been with him for years. And she wasn’t going to deny him moral support in a difficult time.

Staff at the facility said: “We heard a soft knock on the door of the clinic as we prepared to sedate Arnold and prepare him for surgery.” “When we turned around, her companion tried to break into our clinic after clumsily climbing onto the porch. She found where he was.

Fortunately, the operation on Arnold’s leg was successful. Nothing less was acceptable for his beloved.

She stood at the door the whole time we worked staring at each other, the workers reported.

Then the door was opened and Arnold was placed closer to it so the two geese could be together.

The staff said that “they both seemed a lot more comfortable around each other.”

Although Arnold is expected to take several weeks to fully recover, he won’t have to go through it alone. The medical staff decided to continue to allow him to visit so that his partner would not worry.

They wrote ”Thanks to sickness and health… We will do our best to bring him back as soon as possible. ”

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