Deaf senior dog finally finds a home after 11 years on the streets

It’s never too late to find the perfect new home for your dog. It’s the story of Solovino, an old deaf dog who, after spending his life on the streets, found someone who loved him.

Solovino, whose name means “he came alone” in Spanish, spent the first ten years of his life as a stray. But as he grew older, he grew tired of wandering the streets of Southern California and began spending nights on the porch of a woman’s house.

She contacted a volunteer rescue organization in the area who took in Solovino. “Solo” for short, is a social dog who “loves being around people,” the rescue explains.

“He’s good with people of all ages but can be a bit shy at first.” The rescue said in a Facebook group that Solovino “is an older boy, but he can still get along with the best of them”.

He only spent time in a few foster homes after the rescue and failed to find a forever home – many times he was not adopted.

But one woman saw Solovino’s story online and instantly fell in love with him. As soon as I saw his face on the website, I knew I wanted to like him,” Carol said.

“I knew it was fate,” she said. When I met him and saw how sad he was, I knew he would always be with me no matter what.”

However, this was not the case from the start. When Solo arrived in his new home, he was very shy and fearful, and still had a certain distrust of people he had developed while living on the streets. Additionally, she realized that Solo was in worse health than she thought, had little or no hearing, and had dental issues.

However, Carol did not abandon the dog. In fact, she postponed a small operation to fix Solo’s teeth as soon as possible.

Eventually, the old, previously scared dog got used to his new life in our home, where he had been a stray for a long time. Although he still had health issues, Carol was determined to give this wonderful dog the life he deserved.

People around me said he didn’t look like the same dog anymore.” She added: “For a month he didn’t smile, open his mouth or gasp, and now he’s rolling and running around the lawn dozens of times a day with a smile. on the face.

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