Appetizing model from Germany showed everyone that you can look stylish in any size

It may be a little surprising, but plus size models have become popular in our time.

Plus-size models have become very popular in our time. He was considered the gold standard for having a weight of up to 50 kg, height of 170 cm and parameters of 90-60-90. All the ladies who couldn’t fit into these parameters were complex. Now in the world it is customary to love each other at any weight. Modern plus size models have proven that you can look stylish and fashionable in any size.

The SG model has conquered the Net with her vertiginous curves and her good taste. The girl showed everyone that her parameters do not prevent her from looking elegant, fashionable, bright and feminine.

Stephanie is a brilliant person. She is not used to complex and hiding her forms. The girl is sure of herself and in every possible way emphasizes her dignity. She boldly dyes her hair red and wears trendy makeup, tops, shorts and short dresses.

Fans admire the courage of the girl, her ability to choose a wardrobe, her ability to pose and present herself.

The model lives in Germany, her task is to demonstrate clothes in size +. She is very artistic, plastic and elegant. Thanks to her bright appearance, she has become very popular.

S. inspires other girls to love themselves and not hide in baggy clothes. Every woman deserves to wear beautiful fashionable clothes.

The model has excellent taste and a sense of proportion, the girl knows how to emphasize her form and pose for the best in the frame. Take an example!

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