The dog’s owner thought she died two years ago, but rescuers found her living alone in the mountains

One day, the animal protection institution received a call.

Everyone thought the dog was already dead, but rescuers discovered she lived alone in the mountains and sometimes visited locals for food.

They asked for help and when rescuers saw a dog, the animal was very shy and exhausted. They tried to find a way to entice the little creature – it was a delicious flavorful cheeseburger!

While the animal was distracted, another rescuer was able to sneak up on the dog and catch him in a trap.

The animal was shocked, tried to run away and escape, but it took him some time to calm down and realize that these people had come to his rescue.

She finished her food happily.

The volunteers decided to call the beautiful Edna. First they checked the presence of the chip

It turned out that Edna had a chip!

Edna’s owner was happy that she was still alive:

The beauty quickly integrated into the refuge. A few months later, she was adopted by a family.

Edna now has a normal life and of course she is very happy.

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