The dog thought the baby was just a toy and then was surprised when his one-year-old sister started walking

When Claudia Hughes came home from the hospital with her newborn daughter Banora, dog Tacos, a three-year-old golden retriever, thought she was a doll. Upon their return, the dog did not leave his human sister.

Speaking of their dog’s behavior towards the baby, Claudia told Dodo, “When we put Barona on the bed or on the sofa, Tacos is always next to her. He’s like the girl’s babysitter, he’s watching her all the time.”

The dog was with her sister even in the middle of the night, when the little girl woke up to be breastfed.

Tacos followed each change of the baby, he was very moved, when the little one grabbed the crib bar and stood up to greet him.

But the most amazing thing for the pup was that his one-year-old sister started walking. Tacos was fascinated by this fantastic spectacle.

“When Banora started taking steps, Tacos was stunned in surprise. He was jumping for joy,” Claudia told Dodo.

When the dog finally understood that the child can already walk, his excitement subsided and he approached him very carefully so as not to knock him down. He came to lick her all the time.

And the love for Tacos was mutual. The little girl adored her puppy, cuddled and cuddled him.

“We showed Banora how to treat the dog. We petted Tacos and we kissed his head,” Claudia said.

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