The Dog Leads Mom To The Trash Where She Finds The Littlest Wild Surprises

In the summer, while out for a walk, Toby noticed voices coming from a nearby trash can. The rescue dog immediately went to work, bringing her mother with her.

These two came across three babies who needed help.

“We saw lots of animals large and small including deer, turkeys, raccoons and possums wandering around; I heard scratching noises and saw two little black paws trying to reach the top of the trash can. Three newborn raccoons tried to escape when we arrived, but there was too little trash for them to do so.” ;- said Rebekah Brooks, Toby’s mother

Toby’s intuition led Brooks to a startling discovery.

Toby and Brooks rushed home to find something that could help them get the babies to a safe place.

The toddlers accepted the help, then stopped to humbly thank the rescuers.

With help from the neighbor’s staircase, we managed to save a larger Raccoon about a year ago, Brooks said. “I’ll find a cheap ladder or a piece of wood to store near a trash can for possible rescue in the future. I didn’t want the kids buried or overheated.

Usually the containers remain closed. If they are open, then not for long, Brooks added.

@tobytok19 A fun little rescue at 5am. At least they had full bellies 🥰 #racoonbabies #dumpsterdiving #animalrescue #tobytok ♬ original sound – Toblerone

She said: “I’m very grateful that they got what we were trying to achieve. And Toby was amazing. At no time during this time did any dog ​​whine or growl. Mom and her cubs were spotted around the neighborhood, running from one storm drain to another. Guess they must be well fed by our neighborhood garbage feast.

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