The boy prefers to adopt adult and sick dogs from the shelter that no one wants to adopt

In the house where this nice boy called Robbi lives, there are always pets that his family adopts from different shelters. They are senior dogs who are looked down upon by others.

Here is a charming dog who was adopted a year ago, but who had a difficult life: he was neglected and abused. And now he is infinitely loved and cuddled. This understanding being feels tender affection for its owners.

All four-legged friends understand that they will always be rescued by their caring family.

One day, they brought back a dog from the shelter, named Buffy.

But when he was taken to the vet to be checked, the doctor said the animal had a serious health problem and that his condition could get worse day by day.

The parents could not hide this painful truth from their son. They explained to the boy, that after a short time, he could lose Buffy.

But the nice boy prayed to his parents to adopt the dog as soon as possible. Robbi wanted the pooch to spend his last days in good hands and be surrounded by love and tenderness in his warm and welcoming home.

The mother of the family posted a story on the internet talking about her adorable and kind-hearted son and many people liked this post and supported the young boy for his kindness and generosity.

The beautiful boy continues to take care of elderly animals and has become a volunteer with an animal protection organization. Robbi says very often that you always have to help animals with special needs.

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