Senior blind dog found safe weeks after missing from home: ‘She means everything’

It is always a difficult experience when a dog disappears from the house. When your beloved pet is alone in the world, you worry about its safety – a fear that is compounded when the animal is disabled.

But it’s important never to lose hope: Recently, an incredible miracle happened to a family after their blind dog was found safe and sound a few weeks after leaving the house.

As the daily Sitka Sentinal reports via AP, the Kubacki family of Sitka, Alaska were heartbroken after their Golden Retriever Lulu disappeared from their home on June 18.

“She means everything,” owner Ted Kubacki said. “I have five daughters and they range in age from 4 to 13, so they have spent every day of their lives with this dog.”

Scarier still, Lulu was a blind senior dog and the family began to fear for her safety. “She’s so helpless, and you kind of imagined she couldn’t go far because she couldn’t see.”

The family searched everywhere, but could never find Lulu. Weeks passed and they grew discouraged — especially after the prankster gave them false hope, claiming they had found the dog — and began to lose hope.

But then they had a miracle. The construction crew discovered the animal on the mound, initially deciding it was a bear. However, after taking a closer look, they realized it was a Golden Retriever.

Lulu was eventually found – dirty, dehydrated and underweight, but still alive. The builders pulled her from the mound and helped her find her family.

“I called my wife from work and she just screamed…she just starts screaming and then screams at the kids. And I just hear them screaming like crazy,” he said.

He says the dog went through “a push-up” and was in poor condition when they met. But since then she is recovering and recently found the strength to lift her head and kiss her master. Even better, local neighbors even donated money to cover Lulu’s vet bills for her recovery.

It’s been a tough week, but now the family is finally together: “We have a family member at home,” Ted said.

What a miracle – we are so happy that Lulu was found unharmed and now she has returned to her loving family.

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