Salma Hayek is the first Mexican woman to have been nominated for an Oscar and not to have received it. Who disturbed the beauty?

One of the wonderful and eminent stars of Hollywood, Salma Hayek, was born into a wealthy Mexican family. From the age of 18, Hayek began acting in Mexican television series. At first the roles were small, but in 1989 the actress got a central role in the TV series “Teresa”, after which the popularity and recognition of the audience simply fell on her. A few years later, Salma starred in the film “Avenue of Miracles”, the film was a real triumph.

Hayek has established himself as a superstar of Mexican cinema. It was only after that that he decided to try his luck in Hollywood. And so he really succeeded. He became one of the famous stars of Hollywood. Although his career was full of difficulties and obstacles, he managed to overcome all difficulties and become an amazing personality in the world of cinema.

The year 2002 was sensational for the actress. She starred in ‘Frida’, based on Mexican artist Frida Kahlo’s dramatic biography. The film’s success was evident, it was nominated for an Oscar in several categories at once, including Best Actress. For the first time in the history of cinema, a Mexican actress was nominated for the first American film award, she was also one of the three Latin American actresses nominated for an Oscar in history.

And Hayek might just have won an Oscar if Stephen Daldry’s incredible drama “The Hours” hadn’t been released the same year. The film is a huge success all over the world, the director’s work is excellent, the cast is above praise: Nicole Kidman, Julianne Moore and the magnificent Meryl Streep.

And now the beautiful Australian has disturbed the beautiful Mexican. Nicole Kidman, the interpreter of one of the three main roles, received an Oscar. She deserved it, to be fair, because her work in the film is fantastic.

The film “Frida”, is somehow inferior in terms of direction and cast, but Salma Hayek’s work is extremely admirable and worthy. However, the competition in Hollywood is huge and the fact that Hayek was nominated for an Oscar is already a big achievement.

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