Kind Woman Visits Shelter Dogs And Reads To Them So They Don’t Feel Lonely

For stray animals abandoned by their owners, the animal shelter is the best solution.

But often shelters do not have enough resources and capacity to give animals a better life and adoption often does not happen immediately.

So the furry friends lose their hope and live a sad and lonely life and don’t trust humans anymore. Their chance of being adopted and having a loving home is gone forever.

But there are always charitable people who come to the aid of desperate animals.

A volunteer from the local Pennsylvania Dog Shelter captured some very heartwarming moments and posted the gorgeous footage on social media.

A kind woman from Pittsburgh visits adult dogs and reads to them so they don’t feel alone. The nice lady takes pity on these innocent creatures and tries to soften their rough life a little.

In his internet post, the shelter volunteer explains: “This nice woman comes and sits in front of the cages and reads aloud texts for the elderly doggies who are wonderful listeners. The shelter is always in need of volunteers,” adds reddit user puglife123.

The volunteer wanted the action of this good lady to serve as an example for other courageous people to volunteer to support the dogs.

And the lady reading books for dogs says that when she goes to the shelter, she has a very happy day.

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