Golden Retriever Gets His Own Angel In The Form Of A Puppy Who Acts As His Guide Dog

Most people are familiar with the amazing work service dogs do. Assistance dogs are like true angels who help a wide variety of people deal with the difficulties they encounter in their lives. This can include executing commands, providing comfort for those with anxiety, guiding those with visual impairments or mobility issues, warning of a high blood sugar level, and even built-in seizure sensors. Service dogs really do all of that.

Sometimes they can even be a great help to their canine companions, as is the case with Charlie, an 11-year-old Golden Retriever. Charlie underwent a major life change after losing both eyes to glaucoma.

According to AKC, glaucoma in dogs is an increase in eye pressure. Pain associated with glaucoma causes tearing, strabismus, and third-century elevation. Blood vessels become visible in the conjunctiva (the white of the eye) and the cornea, which is usually clear, may appear blue due to swelling. Some dogs go blind within hours, as was the case with Charlie.​​

His owners, Chelsea and Adam Stipe from North Carolina, quickly noticed how this affected their normally cheeky pup, who was really struggling to get used to his new normal after losing his sight.

Once the idea that Charlie could benefit from the help of a service dog emerged, it took some convincing. Eager to help their beloved dog, they started his new year with something that could help. A puppy named Maverick could help solve many problems.

At first, it wasn’t an instant connection, as Charlie wondered if it was worth getting close to Maverick. However, Maverick soon realized that Charlie was struggling in life and stepped in to help. Eventually, the couple started calling Maverick their “guide pup.”

“When they were playing, Maverick realized that sometimes Charlie lost a toy. Maverick therefore lifted him up and placed him in front of him to resume the match. They almost turn into small sled dogs, where they also go for walks. Chelsea and Adam told NBC Philadelphia.

If you want to know more about Charlie and his new best friend Maverick, you can follow them directly on their own Instagram page.

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