Woman Was Scared Of Neighbor’s Pit Bull-Until He Saved Her Life

It’s Simba — a good-natured Pitbull with the friendliest character. Unfortunately, some people find him scary simply because of his breed. But recently, a cute puppy proved them wrong.

Simba lives in an apartment with his owner, Arjanit M. There, despite the dog’s friendly flirtations, many people in the building found it difficult to avoid him.

In particular, a neighbor, an elderly woman living downstairs, was particularly cold to Simba.

“He was still trying to say hello to her, but she was calling him mean and looking at him with fear,” Arjanit told The Dodo. “She never liked him because he was a ‘bad’ breed.”

Simba, however, never felt a dislike for her, which he quickly proved in the sweetest way.

The other day, Arjanit and Simba were returning home from a walk as they walked up the stairs and passed the neighbor’s house. That’s when the dog started behaving strangely.

“He stopped,” Arjanit said. “He started barking and running towards the door where the neighbor lives. I pulled the leash, but he refused to go.

Simba didn’t move, so Arjanit came to get him. It was then that he noticed a faint sound coming from inside:

“I heard a weak voice calling for help,” Arganit recalls. “She said, ‘Please don’t go.’

The door was unlocked, so Arjanit opened it and saw that his neighbor had collapsed on the floor.

“She broke her hip and stayed home for a while,” Arjanit said.

For two long days, she went unnoticed. She could not move and her life was in danger.

Simba sensed it just in time.

Arjanit called an ambulance and Simba and Lui waited with a neighbor until she arrived. Her life was saved by a dog she had never had warm feelings for before.

Of course, in an Instant, everything changed.

“She said, ‘Thank you for listening to me.’ At first, I thought she was talking to me”, recalls Arganit. “But then she said, ‘No, you’re not a cute dog.'”

It turns out that this ‘bad’ dog actually had a bigger heart than most.

The neighbor is still recovering, but that hasn’t stopped Simba from gaining hero recognition.

Other people in the building started filling it with treats and gifts.

While Simba certainly deserves them all, Arjanit hopes his dog’s actions that day will change his attitude for more than just his pup.

“I know Simba is a wonderful dog,” Arganit said. “But I hope this event inspires people to look at bully breeds differently. As human beings, we have to earn their devotion and love.”

Simba proves they’ve had enough.

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