Why is Tom Hanks invading into other people’s marriages and how are people reacting to it?

Tom Hanks has a weird hobby: he interferes in marriages and ruins them. This happened more than once, and he did it not with acquaintances, but with random people. Why why? “It’s my ego. I just do it for fun.”

Why is Hanks doing this?

Hanks first spoke about it in 2006. Then he confessed that he just likes to do that: a lot of people know him, he likes to give people positive things. “Listen, but it’s funny and cool. I like how people are embarrassed, laugh. And I, such an ugly Tom, am smiling and laughing too.

And here’s a comment from 2015: “Because I’m weird and funny and crazy. I would be happy if an actor came to my wedding and laughed a lot.

Two years later, he declared: “I was accused of being scandalous. It’s nonsense: I’m just having fun. Although one day a grandmother told me so. She also didn’t understand who I was and called me an asshole. By the way, not everyone is outraged. In 2019, the groom took him aside and thanked him: he and his girlfriend had no money to invite a host.

They say that the meeting with this actor brings good luck to the newlyweds, and none of the couples whose triumph graced the presence of Hanks did not part. The wedding of the actor himself, the second and last, took place in 1988 – Rita Wilson, actress and producer, among the successful projects of which the 2002 film My Big Greek Wedding, became the chosen one. Prior to marriage, Hanks converted to Orthodoxy. The wife treats her husband’s “hobby” with understanding, but she herself does not participate in the process of “breaking” other people’s wedding ceremonies.

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