What Hollywood Love Heroes Looked Like In Their First Role

Looking at these men, it seems like they have always been so handsome, pumped, brutal, with a slight twinkle of sassiness in their eyes. Well, what woman is able to resist such a heart? And few people will now remember these actors in their very first roles. But some have come into the world of cinema with boys who are still touching, without any hint of virility and brutality. Let’s take a look at what our favorite beauties looked like at the start of their careers and compare them to their current snaps.

Johnny Depp (1984)

Leonardo DiCaprio (1985)

Al Pacino (1971)

Brad Pitt (1978)

Robert de Niro (1968)

Russell Crowe (1985)

Gerard Butler (1997)

Jude Law (1990)

Keanu Reeves (1954)

Robert Downey Jr. (1984)

Bradley Cooper (2002)

Mel Gibson (1977)

Javier Bardem (1990)

Daniel Craig (1989)

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