What does Antonio Banderas look like today and why have his recent photos upset fans so much?

If you were born before the 2000s, chances are you’ve seen The Mask of Zorro. There are many films featuring this character, but the best Zorro of all time has always been the brilliant and incomparable Antonio Banderas. Women immediately fell in love with this fiery Spaniard. But time does its work. Let’s find out together what Banderas looks like now.

Antonio Banderas, in addition to his movie character Zorro, is known for films such as ’13 Warriors’, ‘Two is Too Much’, ‘Spy Kids’ and ‘Frida’. Much of his career was added by the dubbing of the ginger cat in boots in the Shrek trilogy. In all these films, the actor was in the image of a bold adventurer and a sexy macho.


Recently, however, journalists have seen it in a completely different light.

The famous actor was spotted on the balcony of a house in his hometown of Malaga, which he visits every Easter.

In the photo, the actor is bald and without eyebrows. He was with his daughter and watched the festive procession. Fans were puzzled and thought the idol might have some kind of terrible disease. Nevertheless, it was learned that the transformation was necessary for a new role in the television series Genius.

In the first part, Antonio played A. Einstein, and in the second part, he had to play the role of Pablo Picasso at a more respectable age, because the makers of the series decided that he looked a lot like the famous artist.

We hope that this sacrifice will not be in vain. But that won’t be known until after the series premieres in Madrid.

Here are some interesting facts from the life of the actor. Antonio Banderas is seriously committed to winemaking. He owns vineyards in his native Spain. Prior to the acquisition, this estate was called Bodegas Anta Natura, but has now been renamed Anta Banderas as part of the partnership and agreement. The company has its own perfume brand, run by Puch, a Spanish fashion and perfume company.

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