The Marine wanted to say goodbye to a fellow combatant who was more than a dog

U.S. Navy veteran Lance Cpl. Jeff DeYoung wanted to say goodbye to Cena, his black Labrador sparring partner.

The couple had a very strong bond. The dog was still there when the veteran returned from Afghanistan. Cena was a cozy nook for the veteran, who found peace with the dog.

Hundreds of people in Michigan gathered to say a final tearful farewell to a cancer-stricken dog who served three tours in Afghanistan with US Marines. Cena, the 10-year-old black lab, received a hero’s farewell on Wednesday before being euthanized aboard USS LST 393, a museum ship in Muskegon, and carried away in a flag-draped casket.

Cena, who was recently diagnosed with terminal bone cancer, was a bomb sniffer for the Marines until his retirement in 2014. Cena’s celebration was hosted by his owner, Lance Cpl. Jeff Young, who was paired with the dog in 2009 and 2010 during a combat tour of Afghanistan and adopted him in 2014. Cena later became DeYoung’s service dog to help him with his disorder of post-traumatic stress.

So the handsome man decided to say goodbye to his faithful friend with great respect.

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