The man brought home two abandoned pit bulls from the shelter, and later they fully showed their gratitude

One day, a man encountered two pit bulls while visiting the animal shelter. The animals were so sad that the man decided to adopt them.

But such a decision had its consequences.

The two dogs; named Ledbag and Ellabell; have been abandoned; but thanks to a man named Robert McGowan brought them together

Her two dogs became best friends and started spending all the time together. And the dogs were very grateful.

One day when Robert was in the garage, 4 strangers burst inside. They wanted the car keys; the two stayed with the man and one went home to find the keys: But Robert’s loyal friends changed the whole situation.

These two protected the house and its owner.

Robert just had a black eye, although it could have ended tragically.

Man has given animals a home, care and affection.

This was enough for them to selflessly throw themselves at the crowd of aggressive people, not thinking about their own lives.

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