The couple cried and hugged the skinny dog, who had been missing six years before. He also recognized his beloved owners

A skinny puppy walks the streets. No one knows what would have happened to him if a passerby hadn’t found him in distress.

The puppy ran to the man and let him know he needed help. The man was happy and obviously wanted to help. He picked up the puppy and took him to the shelter.

He was very thin, but friendly and sociable. Shelter staff immediately checked to see if the dog was microchipped, meaning if it was lost and needed to be found with its owner.

The dog’s name turned out to be “Alex”. Shelter staff immediately contacted the owner and heard his incredible story. The owner lived 400 miles from where he was found and went missing six years ago.

He came to the couple when he was two months old. The owners looked after him and their older dog, Thunder. However, when Graham was temporarily placed with his grandmother, Alex became homesick and dug a hole in the garden to escape. Of course, he was on his way to find a friend.

The family was very worried and looked everywhere, praying that their dog would come back alive. However, over time, Alex was no longer there. Over time, hope faded and the search became increasingly difficult.

But one fall evening, the family phone rang. Alex had been found, but no one knew where he had been for six years.

The couple were very worried about the reaction of an animal they had not seen for so long. However, the dog quickly remembered the family and happily ran towards her.

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