Mother bear jumps into the water to save her three cubs who fell from the waterfall

A dramatic scene was caught on camera at Katmani National Park and Preserve in Brooks Fallsin. This place is famous by Alaskan bears. Especially, during the salmon season, the bears gather to do the fishing.

Later, the video was posted by Katmai Park on social media and people followed the touching and amazing moments of an event in the reserve.

The mother bear went to catch appetizing salmon for him and his babies. But there was an incident that changed his plans.

Suddenly, she noticed her three cubs who had fallen from the waterfall and, carried away by waves, were descending the river.

Immediately, the mother bear came to the rescue of her babies. The bear named Grazer was a top swimmer and as she rushed she reached her cubs.

Experts confirm that the ability to swim in bears is not innate. To be able to swim, the cubs must practice swimming!

Katmai National Park official Troy Hamon told National Geographic: “Although bears love water and fishing, they don’t have a natural ability to swim, it’s an acquired skill they learn after their birth.

Wildlife biologist Wayne Kasworm of the US Fish and Wildlife Service, a grizzly bear conservation organization, explained that it was not a real danger for the small bears, because a case of a bear drowning did not never been fixed in reserve.

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