After nearly losing his life, the cat keeps talking with his unique voice.

Balam, a beautiful cat, has always been a valued member of the Phaedra family. However, when this lovely lady took Balam and his brother Chaska to the shelter, Balam was in very bad shape.

Both cats had damage to the retinas and toes. Phaedra looked after them 24/7. However, she worried about whether Balam would survive. Fortunately, the cat made a full recovery.

At six months, Balam was able to talk to his mistress, Phaedra, for the first time. The kind-hearted owner remembers exactly where she was sitting when she heard the kitten growl at her bedroom door.

Balam was a genius and his master knew he could talk to him. Phaedra also knew that the smart cat would respond. The cat understood that his master was asking him questions and that he had to answer them.

Phaedra decided to share this beautiful moment of online chat with her animal friends. She translated the cat’s response as she heard it. The translation was interesting and appreciated by many of his animal friends.

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