A cute piggy and a gorgeous turtle share snacks, blankets and treats.

Christina recently adopted Marion, an African sulcata tortoise. The tortoise roams freely in his garden. Krista’s two piglets are terrified of these beautiful, innocent animals. However, Cleveland, the third protected mollusk, is intrigued to meet the turtle.

Cleveland approached the turtle for the first time, sniffed it, and pushed the little turtle’s head and legs into its shell. At the time, Malyona didn’t understand the pig, but she quickly realized that Cleveland had no intention of hurting him.

Malyona then went under the pig’s belly and walked with ease. Cleveland has become his best friend. It was also a sign of trust between them. Cleveland, the rescue pig, arrived at Christina’s house by chance. The poor animal was found in downtown Cleveland.

Her skin was badly infected and torn. So Christa, who was worried about the pig, stepped in. The woman already had two pigs and thought she could help and care for this animal in need.

She knew Cleveland could handle himself, as long as he had enough bedding. So Christina moved the pigs to the basement and started rehab. This brought great joy to his family. Unfortunately, the sweet little pig could not be placed with a foster family and had to stay with them.

Marion is an African sulcata tortoise that Krista had. When she was a baby, she was adopted by a nice woman. Her mother always worried about her and knew she needed a friend. Cleveland then became a member of his family. When the rescued turtle left the basement to go outside, she loved rolling around in the pigsty.

Marion took him to the pool and bathed him. Then the mischievous pig stuck its nose in the water and started foaming. Then they sat together in the garden and ate strawberry candies. Cleveland helped Marion feel comfortable and safe in her new home.

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