Woman surprises her boyfriend with the cutest pink ‘puppy’

Max always wanted a puppy, so his girlfriend surprised him with a rather unusual pink puppy. She gave him a pig named Patrick. Max was very happy to find a charming animal. He behaved like a child with a pig in his arms.

Emma knew it was a huge responsibility, but she knew they would take care of it. Patrick treated the pig like a puppy and thought he had never met a dog that was muddied or hungry.

Max even taught Patrick to walk on a leash. Everyone in the family was obsessed with him. Patrick was definitely a regular for attention. He loved when his human parents kissed him.

The couple had two rescue dogs. Stringer, their little dog, immediately befriended Patrick. However, when it came to Brian, he wasn’t as impressed. There was no intimacy or personal space with Patrick. The food for everyone was Patrick’s.

So for months Brian acted like something was wrong. But gradually he accepted Patrick as part of the pack. The three of them did everything together and they liked to go for walks.

One day the couple took their dog and pig out for a walk. A passerby asked them if it was a pig on a leash. It suddenly gave them such meaning.

They are used to the prying eyes thrown at them. The owners understood how confusing it must be to spot a pig walking on a leash. However, that didn’t matter much. Like Patrick, pigs were known to be smart, kind, and always ready to eat. Even though he is a pig, he will always be one of their dogs.

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