This husky is the ten millionth pet of this organization that has been adopted: his life has changed radically

The De La Rosa family lives in Texas, USA. Vanessa and her husband Ezri have three children.

The family needed the aquarium equipment and on the weekend they went to a pet store to buy it.

When they arrived at the pet supply store, they saw that an adoption event was being held by the Smart Pet Charity Association in front of the store. The organizers called on visitors to click. There were many animals that were brought back to be adopted.

The family decided to participate in this event and set about choosing a good dog. The children were captivated by a charming blue-eyed husky.

“When I saw how my kids interacted with the dog, I knew it was our dream pet,” the mother-of-one told PEOPLE.

So, a member of the shelter staff told them the beautiful pooch’s moving life story and the decision was made.

They postponed their purchases and took care of the adoption of the dog. Completing all the paperwork, they brought their furry friend home.

The adorable husky has been named the Baltic Sea. It was the title of their son’s beloved cartoon.

They learned that the puppy lived chained and homeless on his head and they resolved with resolution that the Baltic Sea would never be ignored and would have a life full of care and love.

The dog was quickly adapted to the DeLa Rosa family. The spouses chose the harness instead of the collar on the neck so that the Baltic Sea no longer felt the pressure of the collar.

This adoption from PetSmart Charity, which was the ten millionth, brought joy and happiness to the adorable dog and all the members of the family.

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