This cute stray dog ​​is a ‘regular customer’ at the restaurant

The friendly stray dog ​​can still be spotted outside a chain of restaurants in New Mexico. She comes and waits patiently until workers give her food. The restaurant’s “regular customer,” whom the staff called Sally, never missed a day to visit and ask for something to eat.

Nice man Kxuko, who works there, recently posted a video showing Sally’s daily life. It is interesting that she also visits other stores when the team brings her meal a little late. She wanders and finds what she needs. But she keeps coming to her favorite place. She was loved by the staff and they do their best to please her.

It should be noted that Sally is always clean as everyone in the area takes care of her. A woman working in a flower shop gives him a bath frequently. The sweet dog also has 4 babies. And when the rescuers try to take her away, she always finds a way to get back to her place. It is assumed that she has a permanent space to live with her puppies.

Sally has become a respected member of the community there and everyone cares for her and nurtures her with great love and devotion. She responds to them with so much respect and affection.

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