The woman hears a noise in the bushes and finds a little black pig

This woman, Jenny, was an animal lover. He already had a dog, a cat and a horse. While her son was playing outside one day, she noticed a little black pig. Unfortunately, it had stormed the night before its discovery, so the little piglet (later named Pepper) was shaking and freezing.

When Jenny’s son saw that the little baby was all alone and there was no sign of another sibling or mother, he knew she needed to be cared for. Pepper was quite dramatic for the first few weeks.

For the first few weeks, she followed Jenny and her son everywhere and made the loudest noises as if talking to her mother. Pepper really thought that Trout, the family’s pet dog, was her brother. She wanted to do everything he did.

One night when Jenny walked out the door, she found Pepper and Trout nowhere. Then she noticed them in the distance. The little piglet was right behind the dog and was following Trout around.

Jenny thought it was very cute that they both went on this adventure independently. However, she was happy that they came back and were able to find them. Since then, Pepper and Trout had formed something of a bond. They were always together.

Trout welcoming Pepper into the family was so good for the baby piglet. Trout was a small dog and was about his size. Jenny thought that was why Pepper wasn’t intimidated by him.

They had become best friends and knew each other well. Jenny was so happy that Pepper was accepted by her family and became part of their household.

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