The dog always befriends the fluffiest dogs at daycare so she can nap on them

Edna a cute creature is one of the daycare dogs, and her day starts with games and then she has a need to sleep for the rest of the day. And to satisfy her need Edna has found a very creative way.

When she realizes it’s time to sleep, she searches for the fluffiest dog in kindergarten that day and uses them as a place to sleep.

Size is not very important; if it’s fluffy, Edna will always sleep on them, and most of them don’t seem to care at all.

When she was younger, her organization of the afternoon nap was easier; but now that’s not a problem either

When it’s finally time to leave at the end of the day, Edna is sleeping soundly on top of one of her friends and it takes a bit of effort to wake her up and bring her home.

“When it comes time to go home, I always have to snatch it from another dog,” Gottfried said.

The baby loves entertainment, and no doubt napping – and kindergarten friends are more than happy to help.

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