The artist finds two abandoned kittens who never leave him and follow him everywhere

Caleb is a professional painter. The artist paints in different places. One day he found two abandoned kittens.

His heart ached seeing the babies in the rain. The kittens were very small and completely wet. Caleb picked them up and brought them home to Sorano, a town in Italy. The man named them Nunu and Cece.

Coming home, Caleb made a good bed for the kittens and the babies slept for a long time. In a few days, Nunu and Cece completely changed.

The little stray and wet kittens, from now on, have become wonderful creatures.

At first, they didn’t trust Caleb, but after a short time, their adoptive dad became the center of the universe for them.

Already, they love to climb on the shoulders and on the neck of the man. He treats them like his children and never separates from them.

When Caleb goes painting somewhere else, he takes the kittens too. He doesn’t want to leave them alone. His tailed friends visit different cities, but they never leave their owner.

When he paints, the kittens do not move away. People are always surprised that kitties never run away.

When he works, babies can show on his lap and when he walks, they sit on his shoulders. Caleb likes to carry them on his shoulders, it’s a great pleasure for him.

The painter is very fond of his profession, but when he plays with kittens, it seems to him that he prefers playing with mimis to painting. The presence of the kittens fills her heart with an infinitely tender affection.

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