Pocket Kitten Travels Everywhere With Mom

Jennifer Kubba recently rescued a newborn kitten named Hank. The baby needed a lot of love and affection. The kitten met Jennifer’s family when she weighed just two ounces. Hank was so small she could fit in a shirt pocket.

When Hank was 6 days old, she couldn’t stop cuddling her mother and felt comfortable with her stuffed animals. Then, when she was 10 days old, the kitten opened her eyes for the first time.

Hank was gaining weight slowly. Her favorite place was comfortably wrapped in a soft blanket. Soon the kitten was 20 days old and weighed 16 Ounces. Poppy, Jennifer’s adult black cat, wasn’t sure about her new sister.

However, over time, they became inseparable. Now Hank has gone everywhere with his mother in the car to ride his bike. The good hostess wanted a cute kitten to see the world, and liked to take him with her for a walk.

The two-month-old cat now weighed 32 Ounces and looked very healthy. Then, at the age of 3 months, Hank was to have a new sister named Cheese. The striped cat immediately decided to make friends with Hank.

Cheese followed Hank everywhere she went and took an interest in him. However, Hank wasn’t sure how to react to the prickly kitten. However, that didn’t stop the curious cat from chasing her.

Cheese stayed close to Hank, curiously watching the stupid baby. Gradually, Hank befriended his little sister and they recognized each other better. Now Hank has mentored the Striped kitten and shown him how to lead a calm life.

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