Massive lion surprises photographer with spooky images, then smiles at him

The work of the wildlife photographer is extremely interesting, the encounter with these unique creatures is always an emotional moment.

Green Sauerbrey is one of the lucky ones. He has been a wildlife photographer for several years: He loves his job very much. But nevertheless, last month, while in Masai Mara, Kenya, he suffered the “shock of his life”.

He saw a gigantic lion. Naturally, he prepared for some great pictures with the king of the jungle.

“I lent myself for a photo as he let out a deafening roar — I got the shock of my life,” Sowerby said. it was an amazing moment when he smiled at me to say “Haha!”

A huge Lion stuns the photographer with a big terrible roar, after which he immediately began to smile at him.

“I was very happy with the photos, I only looked at them properly when I got home. I do these game drives regularly and love taking pictures of the wildlife. They grew up around game drives, so they got used to cars and tourists,” says Green Sauerby.

However, this isn’t the first time a Leo has shown their playful side. Here is a very funny video

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