Incredible event The largest sea turtle in the world came out of the ocean

A giant leatherback turtle emerges from the water and onto a sandy shore in stunning footage. Indeed, despite the fact that the magic monster fair took a brief hiatus, it was enough to have everyone cracking up.

The area of ​​the video is obscure, but the two feature-length thumbnails show the world’s largest turtle resting on the sand, before recently disappearing into the sea. The minute was filmed by one of the beachgoers who has saw the incredibly rare sighting. Known as the largest turtles in the world, leatherback turtles are generally singular animals that spend most of their time swimming above the sea. to rest – just because it happened in this case.

Marine experts at Oceana said leatherback turtles “spend virtually all of their time in the water, with females only coming ashore to lay eggs.” Males are therefore more difficult to observe than females because they never leave the sea after hatching and have entered the waves.

Leatherback turtles can weigh up to 2,000 pounds, but they can travel thousands of miles in their lifetime. These huge turtles, unlike most other species, have a weak carapace that looks like tough skin, according to their name.

“Leatherback sea turtles are known to travel inconceivably long distances in their lifetime,” reads the Oceana site. “Throughout its life, a leatherback sea turtle may cross the sea a few times, traveling to and from favored feeding or settlement sites.” You can watch the minute this mammoth turtle grow from the ocean, in the video below!

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