Friendship With Rescued Sloth Teaches Beagle To Do Weird Things

Juan Carlos saved Chuwi (lazy) who had electrocuted himself on a power line. He was immediately taken to a veterinary clinic. The poor animal had no idea what was going on.

He had suffered severe burns to his arms. A vet treated the injuries and told the rescuer the sloth was recovering. Unfortunately, the claws on his hind legs and left arm were all burned.

Haydee found herself caring for the sloth. He rested and quickly regained his strength. He was careful not to leave any burn marks.

The sloth gradually improved. Finally, he was well enough to recognize those who had taken care of him.

We were quiet enough for the sloth to feel safe. Seven even tried to find common ground with Chewie. For example, when the sloth ate plants, Seven tried to imitate them.

Beagle also tried to teach him that it was fun to play with toys. Seven’s persistence eventually paid off. They have become the best friends in the world. Chewie felt calm and happy with Seven.

Chewie was never released into the wild because he had no legs. This made them inseparable. When Seven went for a walk, the sloth snuggled up to the beagle and waved curtly, as if they would never see each other again. The most beautiful thing Haydee had ever seen was them together.

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