A Texas man stops to save a kitten and finds himself surrounded by a group of cats.

Robert Brantley was driving home when he saw a lone kitten on the road. This compassionate man stopped his van to save the lonely kitten because he couldn’t leave the poor kitten on the road.

But as soon as Robert took the kitten, the brothers appeared out of nowhere. They hid in the tall grass near the park. A kitten chased the friendly man as if to help them.

The kittens surrounded Robert and rolled their legs around him. The little ones followed him as if they were following their father. The merciful man could not let the brothers go.

He picked them up one by one, loaded them into his car and drove the little ones home. Of course, the 13 kittens wandered into the van, but the rescuer ignored them.

Robert named the kittens and took care of them. They ate well and were happy in their new home. He then decided to tame one, which he named Scout.

In his bathroom, he had a special mix of gel and water for cats, which his social media followers recommended. He even had a special soft comb for Scout. Cats don’t usually like water, but he made sure they were clean.

Later, the 13 kittens played outside while Robert prepared a large box with litter, food and water. The cuddly kittens now have a home and a little person (Robert’s baby) to care for them.

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