A heartwarming story: the fantastic transformation of the abandoned kitten into a wonderful kitty warms the heart

In Brisbane, Australia, volunteers at the Best Friends Felines cat shelter found a newborn kitten that was abandoned by its wandering mother.

Volunteer Nikki took the white kitten to a vet. The baby weighed 110 grams, that is to say a quarter of its normal weight for its age.

Nikki told Rabnya, “I named him Henry. I decided to fight for him at all costs, despite the vet saying there was little chance he would recover.

Nikki added that the kitten was seriously ill, hungry and dehydrated. The baby received injections to be rehydrated and also obtained nutrients to regain strength.

Henri had a strong will and a great desire to live. He was getting louder and starting to interact with the staff members.

Soon after, the danger subsided and the kitten already weighed 500 grams.

The volunteers claimed they had won the battle for his life. Henri has become a cute kitten, a baby to love.

“We believe he is making a full recovery and we are happy to be successful,” the shelter posted on its official Facebook page.

Jill von Herzen said the kitten survived thanks to the patience and love of the staff.

Henri grew into a delightful kitten and a woman, named Kelly, adopted him and surrounded him with warmth and cuddles and currently the kitty feels loved and happy.

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