This Wonderful German Shepherd Dog Is Very Smart And He Loves Watching Himself On YouTube

This charming German Shepherd named Rocky is adored by his family. The infinitely intelligent dog is surrounded by care and love. Rocky is very fond of his adoptive parents and also the other animals in the house.

One day, when he was playing with his tailed and feathered friends, his kind owners, Taras and his wife, captured the sweet moments when the cute Rocky interacted with his little puppy and ducky friends and they installed the video on YouTube .

The owners decided to show Rocky these filmed images by following his behavior.

Lovely pooch’s reaction was superb and funny.

The scenes where Rocky was playing with his friends were shown by the laptop. It was so unexpected to look at each other that the dog was surprised and tormented by these images.

First he sniffed the computer, then proceeded to look closely to figure out what was going on.

He stared uncertainly sometimes at the laptop, sometimes at its owners and wondered how his friends got into it.

He was so confused that he didn’t know how to act. Rocky’s behavior was so funny to his human friends that they burst out laughing.

At first Rocky saw his friends the little puppies he often plays with and when he saw his friend the duck he lost his mind.

For his owners, it was a great pleasure to follow him in such a situation. His gaze was so sincere and so naive that we wanted to kiss and cuddle the adorable and sweet pooch.

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