This charming bulldog loves holes dug in the ground and settles in them immediately

When pets are in good hands, their lives change completely. But it should be noted that they, too, have the ability to change the life of their owner through their love and devotion.

A very cute, one and a half year old bulldog named Franklin lives with his owner Caitlin and her family.

This charming creature has a funny character, he loves the holes dug in the ground of the garden. He is as if obsessed and tormented by the dug holes.

The holes are dug to plant trees and other plants in the garden.

When he sees the shovels, he gets ready to enter the hole and settle in more comfortably.

He always waits for someone to come and make a hollow, and when we dig the earth, he tries to sink into it with a contented air.

At this time, the beautiful bulldog becomes very funny. Caitlin loves his weird and fantastical behavior and bursts out laughing.

According to Caitlin, the wonderful pooch has completely changed their lives.

Franklin always waits for those adorable moments and understands the time to dig.

When he sees a plant brought home in a container, he begins to prepare as if to attend work.

And often it is eager to be placed in the half-dug ground.

The pup adores his friend Cooper, an 11-year-old boxer. They have a fantastic friendship and when they play together they feel great joy, despite Franklin being a little mischievous.

The bulldog is very lively and likes to follow Caitlin and fall asleep on her desk or next to her darling.

Its owners are happy that they have it in their lives.

Check out the fun pictures of the adorable bulldog!

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