The woman saved the lives of 250 dogs who lived in a horrible animal shelter

The founder of Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary, Daniel Eden, a kind-hearted woman, could not bear the suffering of homeless animals. She did everything possible to ensure that the animals in her center were fed and cared for properly.

For the exchange of experience, Eden often visited other refuges in her country and abroad. She has helped several dogs in need by installing them in shelters.

Above all, there were dogs who lived a life of misery, but this charitable soul always came to the rescue of the suffering and helpless doggies.

Once, while visiting a shelter in Israel, Eden was frightened by the abuse she saw. A disturbing image opened before her. The woman said it was the worst shelter she had ever visited.

The place, which could only accommodate 70 dogs, was filled with animals whose number reached 250.

The poor puppies lived in an unbearable condition. Animals had to fight for every piece of bread thrown at them and everywhere there were dead rats.

The dogs were deprived of veterinary care.

Eden didn’t know how to act to help all these dogs. Suddenly, she made a decision: to buy a shelter for 250 animals.

In carrying out her project, she transported all 25 dogs to shelters in Ontario, 90 dogs were placed in foster homes and the last 150 were waiting to be brought back to the recently purchased shelter.

After Eden’s visit to Israel’s terrible shelter, the dogs’ living conditions have improved, including food and veterinary care.

And most of the dogs that Daniel Eden has rescued now live with their adoptive families. All of them are fed and loved.

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