The 23-year-old cat has a remarkable relationship with his human

Every time Reese has welcomed guests into his home, they have been completely shocked to learn the age of his older cat, Lily. They couldn’t believe the cat was soon to celebrate its 23rd birthday.

This sweet cat had been living with Reese for a long time. The kind man adopted her when she was 12. Lily was thrilled to meet Reese.

The owner thought the cat still knew a way to find him. When Reese was younger, he lived in the house of his father, who didn’t really like cats. So he wouldn’t let Lilly into the house.

Then the smart cat came through the window and entered the bedroom. Lilly always found a way to be with him, no matter how hard the landlord’s father tried to keep her out.

Since Lily had lived with Reese for so long, she had been through a lot with him. She watched him grow, fall in love, and even be with him during his first heartbreak. As a result, she became his ideal companion.

Lily was a big part of Reese’s life. Kitty was still affectionate, but she needed more attention as she was already an older cat. Kitty loved to eat plants and had a very curious nature. Reese thought Lily was a blessing to him.

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