People don’t know if the rescued dog is actually a dog

One day Lauren adopted homeless little dog Falkor: At first people thought she was a goat or a pig. Several people asked Lauren if Falcor was really a dog.

When the future owner found the dog, she weighed only three and a half kilos. Lauren couldn’t tell if she was a puppy or an older dog because of her coat and appearance. She volunteered to take a few strays to the shelter and discovered that Falkor was locked in a small room alone.

The little dog was aggressive and dirty, and Lauren knew she could help the dog. So she took the animal home and decided to make sure she had what she needed. But sadly, the vets suggested that Falkor was between 5 and 6 years old when Lauren took her in. So the little dog was between 12 and 13 years old.

Falkor was albino, but she didn’t have the deafness or blindness of albino animals. The cute dog was very small and looked very fragile, but Lauren thought she was quite energetic. When Lauren found her in the shelter, she was very aggressive. Lauren had to put a towel to put it in her bag.

Falkor was always “food aggressive,” so the hostess was careful to feed her separately from the other animals. Folcor loved Lauren and was a lonely dog. Her favorite food in the whole world was McDonald’s fries. Unfortunately, after having her nails cut, she only ate a small piece of fries. However, she was ready for anything for this little piece.

Falkor preferred to be among people. Lauren thought the baby was among the many dogs fighting over food. That must be why a dog likes to hang around people. The dog was kept at a respectful distance from its master’s other pets.

Falkor loved the massage and bath his master gave him and enjoyed resting under the sun. However, Lauren was careful not to let Falkor rest in the sun for long, as she was an albino. The owner considered it an honor to have such a lovely dog ​​in his life, as he was one of a kind.

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