‘From $100,000 to $4 million’ were the most expensive dresses celebrities wore on the red carpet

Here are the most expensive dresses the stars have appeared in on the red carpet

Provide an ordinary person could sell one of these legendary dresses, they would live in a luxurious way for the rest of their life. Here’s what the most expensive dresses look like on Hollywood celebrities who appeared on the red carpet.


Jennifer appeared on the red carpet in this stunning dress from Dior’s $4 million collection. The dress was probably uncomfortable for Lawrence to fall off once she tried to get on stage.

N. Kidman

At first glance, her dress appears to be simple, but it is actually a work of the most comprehensive elements of embroidery. The dress cost $2 million.

C. Blanchett

Here is an elegant dress from Armani in which the celebrity appeared in public. It cost $200 thousand.


The beloved artist of millions made everyone admire her in a dress that cost around $167 thousand.


In this admirable outfit, the legendary actress was awarded in 1954. It later turned out that she had the prize of 131 thousand dollars.


The stunning dress in which Kate Winslet chose to appear on the red carpet cost $100,000.

Charlize Theron

Eight years ago, the world famous star delighted everyone with her charming dress. It was specially made for her and cost $100 thousand.

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