A man spotted in the subway with a kitten restores faith in humanity

This nice woman, whose name is Gillian Roger, was walking home on the subway when she noticed a man with a little kitten in his arms. The sight of love lifted her spirits.

The caring man fed his pet with lots of love and attention. The sweet animal was wrapped in a towel and felt comfortable being in the hands of the man. It was so touching! Roger was overjoyed to see that humanity still existed.

She approached them, thanked the man for his sweet gesture and asked how he met the little one. She was informed that he had noticed her abandoned in the street and he could not be indifferent. So he took her in his arms and took care of her like his own baby. Roger was full of happiness to learn the sweet story and the kindness of the man to pick up the helpless creature and tend to her.

Soon she had to leave the train but the beautiful scene made her whole day wonderful. The woman herself was the founder of an animal rescue center and rescued many animals. And seeing the stranger’s willingness to help the sweet kitten, the hope of people’s benevolence to the necessary animals warmed her heart. She will never forget this heartwarming scene!

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