A deaf dog who has lived on the streets for 11 years accidentally fell asleep on the porch and it changed his life.

For a long time Solo, a wonderful dog, roamed the streets of Los Angeles. Soon he grew old and sick, unable to run and play like a dog. One day, Solo went out on the balcony of a beautiful house and there he fell asleep, exhausted.

His mistress recognized him and gave him the name Solovino. The dog stayed on the balcony for several days without leaving it. The woman called the local animal shelter and asked them to adopt the dog. Volunteers arrived soon after.

As a result, the dog stayed at the shelter for 18 months, where he was cared for and cared for. After Solovino was adopted by the family and returned, no one understood why this kind and affectionate dog had been so lucky.

One day a woman found a photo of the dog on the Internet. She later became the owner of Solo and said she fell in love with it at first sight.

When they took him to his new home, the animal was terrified. Solo was very scary to people and they wanted nothing to do with him. For three months, according to its owners, it held its tail between its legs and shook when people touched it. It was only then that it was discovered that he had a hearing problem.

When people approach him, he starts shaking because he can’t hear footsteps. He also had a bad tooth that hurt badly, so his owner spent his savings to fix his pet’s tooth, and Solovino now looks different.

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