A cute bulldog, who is obsessed with holes

Caitlin – a girl had a bulldog, whose name is Franklin: The dog is very fond of master shovels. He was like an assistant; the cute dog had only lived with his owner for a year and a half.

Caitlin believed that Franklin had completely changed their world. The adorable bulldog had a fantastic character.

He always waited for someone to dig a hole. He understood that it was time to dig holes in the ground every time the owners brought the plants home in a plastic container. Sometimes an over-ambitious Bulldog has climbed into the Burrow even before it was dug properly.

He also had a fantastic relationship with an 11-year-old boxer named Cooper. Franklin was younger than her, but they had the same level of energy. Cooper loved his brother, but the Bulldog always got on his nerves.

Caitlin worked from home, so Franklin always followed her mistress like her little shadow. He slept under his desk or on a chair behind his mother. He liked to help with the work in the garden. His favorite sport was rowing, but he didn’t like swimming. The owners were so grateful to have Franklin in their lives.

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