“A charming woman” Bellucci, 58, delighted her followers who appeared in a revealing dress with a neckline

Despite her age, Bellucci can still boast of her flawless figure

Monica Bellucci continues to delight her fans with her beauty and attractiveness, although she is already 58 years old. It’s hard to believe the celebrity will soon be turning 60, as she remains the beauty icon for millions.

Lately, the star took part in a photo shoot and amazed absolutely everyone with her well-groomed appearance. The gorgeous woman wore an elegant black dress that highlighted her flawless figure.

And with the help of a neckline, the actress showed everyone her attractive forms.

Monica managed to maintain her beauty and charm.

Many network users rushed to leave positive comments under her photos praising the woman for her unreal beauty and grace. She has successfully proven that women at their 58 can also look gorgeous.

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