A boy born with an unusual appearance rose to fame through his modeling career

Samuel Silva was born in Brazil in 2015. When he came into the world, everyone was surprised at his unusual appearance, except his mother.

The boy was black, but he was “painted” as if in two colours, his skin and his hair were half-white, half-black.

Her mother’s and grandmother’s skin also had the same particularity and they always had complexes because of their appearance.

The boy was already the fourth generation with this physical feature.

But his unusual appearance never worried Samuel, on the contrary, it made him famous. The little boy has become a known model in his country.

From the age of three, he was frequently invited to artistic distributions. And a different appearance is interesting in the fields of fashions and advertising.

Since 2018, Samuel has been following his modeling career. The famous model has several contracts with very famous fashion houses.

The photos of the 7-year-old boy are in the remarkable magazines and he is always on the catwalks.

Samuel has become a real star, not only for his appearance, but also thanks to his applications. He works 6 to 8 hours a day.

In Brazil, its popularity is increasing day by day. They make dolls that look like Samuel.

He can travel and he helps his family materially. The young boy’s dreams have come true, but he has another goal too, to become an artist. His parents and their acquaintances are sure that the talented and hardworking boy will absolutely succeed.

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