The artist discovered the restless kittens who refused to leave him

When Caleb rescued two abandoned kittens, Cece and Nunu, they were drenched in rain. Their mother had left the area and left the babies in the rain. The rescuer took them to his home in Sorano, Italy.

After returning home, Chichi and Nunu slept for a long time and slowly came to their senses. They quickly gained strength and over the next few days turned into rambunctious little kittens.

For the first two days, the kittens were terrified of Caleb, but then they started to think of him as their mother. After that, the two would climb onto Caleb’s shoulder or under his neck.

Even Caleb cared about them and loved them like they were his own children. The kittens never left him alone. Sauveur was a professional artist and often painted in different locations. So the guy decided to take them out.

He took them to new places and introduced them to the city. While he painted, the little kittens explored the surroundings, but never strayed from him. Several people asked him if he was afraid that they would run away.

However, the kittens never strayed more than two meters from Caleb, so he knew they would never leave him. Instead, they usually ended up in his lap as he painted. The Italian thought they were like his buddies who were always following him.

Caleb liked to walk with the kittens on his shoulders. Being with the kittens helped him see the world from a different perspective. Sometimes the rescuer felt like he would rather play than paint, because it made his life full of fun.

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