A young homeless musician sings in the streets but a kind kitten helps him regain his will to live

James Bowen is a homeless musician who earns his living singing in the streets. The young man had quite a hard life, and because of these difficulties he got a serious illness, drug addiction.

This young man has lost his sense of life and he thought his good days would never return.

But a very small being changed his life, an adorable striped cat came to be treated, but it was he who rescued and supported his human friend.

When James met the cat, he fell in love and it was of course mutual. The kitten’s paws were badly injured, probably he had a fight with another cat, and the man spent his last money taking the cutie to the vet.

From now on, they have become inseparable, the singer and the cat.

James thought the adorable kitten’s owners could track him down and bring him back.

But, fortunately, no one arrived, and the cat remained with its beloved. He named him Bob.

This little creature became a motivation for him to find the joy of his life and no longer use drugs.

Her life improved: the kitten attracted a lot of spectators and people were surprised at such attachment.

All this history with warm relations and tender feelings, James described in his book which became a bestseller bringing him great success.

“This little kitten has completely changed my life. He helped me regain my will to live. It’s a wonderful love story. I am so grateful to her,” James wrote.

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